Review Check-In

  • Review Check-In: Grand Theft Auto V

    Anthony John Agnello answers your questions about Grand Theft Auto V

    Earlier this week, we asked you to pose some questions about Grand Theft Auto V to Gameological critic Anthony John Agnello. Anthony’s review will be up this coming Monday, but in the meantime, he took a few minutes to answer your queries regarding heist missions, tennis, and more. Now we invite you to gaze upon […]

  • Ellie Gibson

    Ellie Gibson answers your questions about The Last Of Us

    Last week, we asked you for your questions about Naughty Dog’s much-anticipated survival horror game, The Last Of Us. Over the weekend, I picked up a bunch of them with my bare hands and threw them across the Atlantic Ocean at Ellie Gibson, who caught them and made tea out of them. You can view […]

  • Animal Crossing Matt Kodner

    Matt Kodner answers your questions about Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Earlier this week we asked for your questions regarding Nintendo’s latest living-in-a-town-with-animals simulator, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Now, resident Animal Crossing expert, and New Leaf reviewer, Matt Kodner has some—emphasis on some—answers for you. John and Matt cover such topics as, “As mayor, what kind of politically charged revenge can you enact against Tom Nook?” […]

  • Review Check-In: Remember Me

    Anthony John Agnello answers your questions about Remember Me

    Last week, we asked what you wanted to know about Capcom’s newest game, Remember Me. We picked out a handful of our favorite questions and tossed them at Gameological critic Anthony John Agnello. Watch as John Teti and Anthony cover such topics as “How discomforting are the female protagonist’s grunts?” and “Is it as hard […]